Atmosphere d'Ailleurs contributed with the Bachmann agency to the development of La Ferme du Vent , for Olivier and Jane Roellinger, opened in June 2016.

Right next to Château Richeux, facing the sea and Mont Saint Michel, the windy field was already home to animals and some farming. An extraordinary lunar clock chants the two tides of the bay and watches over everything and all. A large Viking well serves as a compass between this home port and the infinite.

Guests are welcomed in Kled, five in total. In Breton, "Kled" means wind shelter. Magnificent lodgings at the top of the art of receiving, the five Kled of the Farm of the Wind are dressed of wood and raw stone. Some have comfortable bathtubs to relax in front of the sea. The heat purrs, in the form of a fireplace or wood-burning stoves in four of the five Kled. The light floods them all, served by large picture windows.

In the course of happy sharing, the Celtic Baths were born: an alchemy between Ayurvedic medicine and the treasures of the Breton littoral. An encounter between Arab and Scandinavian culture is to be added. The extra soul that makes all the difference is the care, focused on the feet. Those who connect us to heaven and earth are the main subject of a carefully considered approach. In the Celtic Baths one enters the same level just as if they had been there since the dawn of time.